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Do you have a new way of working in mind? Is your organization going to merge? Is your lease expiring? Or do you have ambitious goals for cost savings, increased collaboration, or more hybrid working? In all these cases, your housing and workplace design are crucial. At Solved, as an independent housing consultant, we know all about this. At Solved, we advise organizations throughout the country and across the border on new or updated housing that will take your organization to the next level.

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Solved, huisvestingsadviseur en workplace adviseur

The Solved way of working

Our advice does not start and end with determining your needs for a property. We work according to the Solved way of working: an integrated method in which we provide you with everything you need to realize the accommodation that best suits your future plans. This means that you have come to the right place for answers to all of your accommodation questions.

We advise you on the optimum workplace concept

Your office should match the way you work. But is that really the case? We can develop a workplace concept based on research among your employees that you can start working with immediately. This includes advice on the number of square meters, a spot plan, and possible training for your employees.

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We help you to find and rent an office building

We help you find a property that suits your needs and goals. As an independent broker, we compare many properties for you on objective criteria. We provide insight into the available properties based on your specifications, calculate the total investment, and assist you during the contract negotiations.

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We manage your renovation or relocation

A renovation involves quite a bit of work: drawing up a technical program of requirements, choosing an architect, selecting a contractor, etc. We provide a relaxed renovation, where we watch over your wishes and budget. We can carry out the entire renovation for you, from the ICT facilities to the furniture.

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Why Solved?

Since our founding in 2007, we have worked exclusively for tenants, owners, or office space users. Is that special? Yes, it is. Traditional business brokers work for property owners and tenants and are mainly dependent on the turnover of the property owners or investors who provide the assignment. This creates a conflict of interest, which does not work in your favor.

We take a different approach. We are and remain 100 % independent. We have only one goal: to create the optimal working environment for you.

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Also for international housing

Finding new housing in a foreign country can be an extra challenge because of different languages, cultures, and rules. For example, in England as a tenant, you are also responsible for the exterior facade. And in Sweden, many office spaces are rented fully furnished. That is why we are happy to help you with all your international accommodation questions. We are a partner in Exis: an international team of specialists who work exclusively for you as a tenant. This means that when you work with Solved, you benefit from a single point of contact in the Netherlands that offers you access to a worldwide network of housing experts.

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Exis Global, partner Solved

The Solved Escape Room

Hybrid working (partly working from home) is becoming the new norm. In addition to an appropriate workplace design, this also requires a new way of organizing work. How do you effectively address remote collaboration? When does someone go to the office or not? Via the Solved Escape Room, your team will discover how to successfully apply hybrid working in a fun way. And thanks to a follow-up discussion with a workplace consultant, they will learn how to tackle challenges immediately.

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Hoe laat u uw werkplekinrichting aansluiten op de manier van werken? Solved verzorgt uw huisvestingsadvies. 100% onafhankelijk. Heldere communicatie.

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