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Solved: the independent housing advisor

Solved has been the independent housing consultant for businesses since its establishment in 2007. We have only one interest: that of the tenant or owner of the property. Obvious, you might think. But that is not the case. Traditional business brokers often earn a large part of their turnover through property owners. As a result, they will not always make decisions for the client.

Our vision has been crystal clear from our foundation: to be and remain 100% independent. We do not work with (or on behalf of) real estate developers, investors, or builders. The partners we engage with for support are always experts in their fields, and we choose them with your best interests in mind. We are only on your side of the table.

This means: no hidden agendas but the best housing advice. With Solved, you have a housing advisor who will act in your best interest. Always will.

We have only one goal: to create the ideal office space that fits your organization, budget, and way of working.

The Solved way of working

We offer integrated advice by combining three business lines: workplace consultancy, brokerage, and project management. As a result, we are not only housing consultants, but we will also help you with every step of the process of finding new or renovated office space. We do this with our team and with partners with whom we have worked for many years.

After all, housing is more than just a building. An office must contribute to the way of working and fit in with current developments and future plans for your organization. It must fit in with your image and contribute to the way of working. We understand that like no other.

From our integrated working method, we offer everything needed to realize an office that suits your needs: finding the best office space, pragmatic workplace advice, and taking the remodeling, decoration, and relocation out of your hands.

Because every assignment is different, we put together the right team in advance. Depending on your request, a workplace consultant, broker, or project manager from Solved will take the lead. We can take the steps that your organization is unable to take. Always with your goals in mind and with our people. Speed, accuracy, commitment in the follow-up phases, and cost-efficiency are essential, and the disciplines must, of course, collaborate closely.

We call this total integrated solution the Solved way of working.

No hidden agendas, only the best housing advice.

Housing advice in the Netherlands and abroad

From our office in Amsterdam, we advise and assist clients in the Netherlands and abroad in finding suitable housing. All the way up to and including the renovation. We accomplish this with the help of an experienced team of 18 professionals, each with their own unique background. Many of our professionals have worked on the client side themselves, so we understand your needs

Since 2019, we have been a part of the French market leader in tenant advice: Parella. We are also part of Exis Global: an international network of housing consultants who work exclusively for the tenant and end-user of commercial real estate. This means that we can also provide you with excellent service on international housing issues all over the world.

The DNA of Solved

Why choose Solved as your housing consultant? Because we stand for:

● Completely independent: only for owners and users
● Full-service: workplace consultancy, brokerage, and project management
● Pragmatic advice, not just consultancy
● Complete transparency and clear agreements
● Substantiated advice based on research
● Always a clear visual representation of our advice
● Experienced team with a great deal of expertise

Our Team

Solved Olivier van Gool

Olivier van Gool

Solved Erik Tijsma

Erik Tijsma

Parella Parijs Nederland

Solved part of Parella Group

At Parella Group, we strive to provide our clients with the same high-quality service internationally. To achieve this goal, we are actively pursuing a European expansion of our operations.

Currently, Parella Group has offices in Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon. We plan to establish a presence in other European capitals such as London, Luxembourg, and Berlin in the near future.

We believe that this expansion will enable us to better support our clients on an international scale. Our global network of Exis partners allows us to serve our clients on all continents and strengthens our position as an international Corporate Real Estate advisor.

We take pride in expanding our network on a European level and look forward to the future opportunities that this growth will bring us.

No-obligation advice?

Does your current office space no longer meet your needs? Is your organization looking for new housing? Are there plans to renovate the office, or do you want housing advice for another reason? We would be happy to help you on your way in an initial no-obligation consultation.

Please contact us at +31(0) 20 – 670 80 90 or by mailing  info@solved.nl.
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