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We believe in the Solved way of working: independent housing advice in which we provide three types of services: workplace consultancy, brokerage, and project management. We take as much work as possible out of your hands as a client by combining these three disciplines. This approach is successful because we look beyond our area of expertise to find the best way to serve your needs.

Depending on the nature of your question, a workplace consultant, broker, or project manager will take the lead. Because we are accustomed to looking beyond a single expertise, we will always consider the bigger picture. In addition, we work completely independently, solely on your behalf as a tenant or user.

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Workplace consultancy

Is your housing still appropriate for the organization? Are you about to experiment with new methods of working or become more hybrid? We help to develop a well-thought-out strategy, looking at both the accommodation and the workplace design. We align the two seamlessly. With a realistic plan and clear concept plans, we help you take a step forward.

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Are you looking for a new office building? Are you wondering whether it is better to move or stay? Or whether it would be wise to sell your premises and rent them back? We think strategically and go beyond just closing the best deal. We provide you with a complete overview of the available properties based on travel distance and sustainability criteria. We can also take care of the negotiations for you.

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Project management

Renovating your office is a time-consuming process with many stakeholders. That’s why we are happy to take the work off your hands, from choosing the right architect to assessing the building plans and negotiating prices to the final move. We ensure a good and relaxed renovation. You make the decision, and we handle the implementation, from design to completion; always customized to your organization’s needs and budget.

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Also, International housing advice

Are you looking to expand your business abroad? Or do you have other questions regarding international housing? Because we are a part of Exis Global, an international organization of real estate specialists who work only for you as a tenant or user. We can also give you housing advice across the border. You have one point of contact in the Netherlands but benefit from a worldwide network of specialists.

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The solved escape room

Hybrid working requires appropriate workplace design and a new way of organizing work. When does someone go to the office or not? How can employees effectively collaborate remotely? In the Solved Escape Room, your employees will learn more about hybrid working in a fun and practical way. They can immediately apply the knowledge they have learned. You will also gain insight into where your organization stands in this area.

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Why choose Solved?

  • Completely independent: only for owners and users
  • Full-service: workplace consultancy, brokerage, and project management
  • Pragmatic advice, not just consultancy
  • Complete transparency and clear agreements
  • Substantiated advice based on research
  • Always a clear visual representation of our advice
  • Experienced team with a great deal of expertise
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