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Finding new housing abroad is often even more difficult than in the Netherlands. You must deal with a different language and culture, as well as with other laws and regulations. Where can you find an advisor who understands your goals and wishes and who sits only on your side of the table? With us. Solved is here for 100% accurate, independent housing advice around the world. Our international team of specialists is there exclusively for you, the tenant. Transparent and without conflict of interest.

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One point of contact for global housing issues

Do you have plans to start an office abroad? Or is something else changing in your housing due to growth, shrinkage, or new business lines? For many organizations, finding international housing solutions is a complex task. You must deal with a different language and different regulations. Also, the market is not very transparent. In short: it is nice not to be alone in this.

That is why at Solved, we offer a solution for your questions. We are a managing agent for corporate real estate services around the world. With us, you have access to the best-in-class solutions worldwide through a single point of contact in the Netherlands. We engage the right experts locally who speak your language and know the laws and regulations. At the same time, we are your permanent point of contact. This means we can manage the transaction, the refurbishment, and the workplace design.

Bij Solved bieden we geïntegreerd huisvestingsadvies: bedrijfsmakelaardij, projectmanagement en workplace consultancy.

“We offer a scalable solution for every real estate question. Worldwide.”

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International housing advice

Solved has been active in the Netherlands as an independent housing consultant since 2007. In the meantime, we have broadened our horizons and solved housing issues worldwide for our clients, from Singapore to Germany.

We are a partner in Exis Global, an international team of carefully selected housing consultants who work exclusively for you as a tenant or end-user for commercial real estate. Thanks to this network with over 40 offices worldwide, we can solve all your housing issues, anywhere in the world. Just like Solved, they are 100% on your side of the table.

If we do not have a local housing consultant in our network, we select the local best-in-class broker. Our experience shows that no other globally rated office can offer the same service everywhere. That’s where Solved makes the difference – we always select the best local broker for you.

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Why enable Solved?

We are an experienced player in international housing, offering three integrated business lines: brokerage, workplace consultancy, and project management. We always strive to take as much work as possible out of your hands from these disciplines combined. From start to end, we can guide you to find the office space that best suits your needs, from secure suitable office space to pragmatic workplace advice. We can also take the renovation, layout, and removal off your hands if necessary.

We select the best local advisors based on your specific question to develop an appropriate solution. We distinguish ourselves from traditional business brokers because we only sit on your side of the table and are independent of other parties, such as suppliers or investors. That means you get the best housing advice from an advisor who really stands beside you.

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The DNA of Solved

Why choose Solved as your housing consultant? Because we are:

  • Completely independent: only for owners and users

  • Full-service: workplace consultancy, brokerage, and project management

  • Pragmatic advice, not just consultancy

  • Complete transparency and clear agreements

  • Substantiated advice based on research

  • Always a clear visual representation of our advice

  • Experienced team with a great deal of expertisev

Our portfolio

We have already realized suitable housing for many clients at national and international levels. Here are a few clients we have helped to their complete satisfaction:

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