Project management for office renovation or company relocation

There are numerous advantages to renovating or relocating your office. Choosing the right architect, finding a reliable contractor, reviewing drawings, checking whether everything is technically correct, and so on. Managing everything yourself in addition to your daily work is quite stressful and time-consuming. Therefore, leave the management of your renovation to the professionals at Solved. We can take care of the entire renovation for you, from drawing board to completion. We will guard your wishes, planning, and budget without hidden agendas.

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Bij Solved bieden we geïntegreerd huisvestingsadvies: bedrijfsmakelaardij, projectmanagement en workplace consultancy.
Hoe laat u uw werkplekinrichting aansluiten op de manier van werken? Solved verzorgt uw huisvestingsadvies. 100% onafhankelijk. Heldere communicatie.

The independent project manager who stands beside you

We can provide you with a smooth and prosperous renovation based on our project management. And we can do this with the same vision as our brokerage: we are only on the side of you as a tenant or user of a property. We have no ties with (furniture) suppliers and other subcontractors. Therefore, we are not interested in buying products from one supplier; rather, we seek suppliers who precisely fit your goals and offer favorable conditions and prices. We stand for transparent and honest advice without a conflict of interest.

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“We ensure that your renovation goes smoothly and prosperously. In doing so, we arrange everything for you. From the architect’s choice to completion”


Remodeling your office from start to finish

Our driven and experienced project team directs the renovation from drawing board to completion. Always perfectly tailored to your organization and budget. We help select a suitable architect—advice on the design. Work out the plans technically. Estimate the building costs. Assess quotations. Manage the tendering of the project and make a tight schedule. Apply for the necessary permits. And we can even supervise the move.

In doing so, we work according to the Solved way of working. We work from three business lines and have integrated them: workplace consultancy, corporate brokerage, and project management. This allows us to bring these areas of expertise together to assist you in your project in the best way possible while putting your goals first. Depending on your issue, a project manager, workplace consultant, or broker will take the lead. But always in view of the whole.

Because every assignment is different, we look critically at the right team in advance. This applies to the consultant(s) at Solved, but of course, also to any partners we involve in a project.

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Why choose Solved?

Housing is an essential part of your business operations. People must be able to work productively and comfortably. The office must meet modern requirements and occupational health and safety legislation. And it must be in line with the current developments within your organization and anticipate future plans. How do you achieve this? Solved directs, registers, and steers the process. You will always have the last word..

We guard your budget

You have set this budget for a reason, so we stick to it strictly. We are committed to obtaining the keenest possible prices from all parties. And that without making concessions to your requirements, quality, or speed.

We are transparent

With us, everything is about trust. We do not earn from the parties we engage in. This allows us to choose the professionals who are best suited for your project. That means genuinely independent advice.

We speak the correct language

Architects, contractors, and installers each have their own jargon and laws. Solved speaks the language of all the specialists in your renovation. This allows us to guide the project and move quickly and thoroughly.

We make appointments in time

Good timing is essential. That is why our project managers make timely appointments with your landlord or property manager to coordinate the work. This prevents extra work and double costs.

We have a large network

We like to involve the right professionals. From architects to interior designers and greenery suppliers. With a large network, we always find a suitable party that can deliver good quality work.

We put your goal first

Your new building should not just be a nice building. It should connect to your goals. That is why we ask critical questions and incorporate the answers into the design. In this way, we ensure a building that fits.

Attention to sustainability

Do you have sustainability wishes for your new or current premises? We would be happy to take these on board. As a ‘BREEAM-NL In-Use’ advisor, we can give you expert advice on this. BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. It is an instrument used to monitor the sustainability performance of a building.

But we look beyond that: sustainability is more than obtaining a certificate. Sustainability is also concerned with employee mentality and behavior, as well as the travel distance to the office and the layout, all of which can influence employee behavior. All of that is considered. We believe that achieving a label itself should not be the motivation; sustainability is not a product or a goal, but rather a conscious choice. If you want to become more sustainable, we look at it from that level.

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How do we proceed?

You, the client, are always our starting point, with the goal of providing a pleasant workplace to help your business grow. There may be all kinds of plans you want to achieve in doing so. Do you want to reduce housing costs? Achieve better cooperation? Provide a better climate? How about a more hybrid collaboration? From the workplace concept, we go further together to provide your new accommodation. In 10 steps, we will move towards your ideal workplace.

  • 1. Kick-off

  • 2. Architect selection

  • 3. Determine the budget

  • 4. Planning

  • 5. Design

  • 6. Tender

  • 7. Construction and/or renovation

  • 8. Furniture & IT

  • 9. Completion

  • 10. Relocation and reconstruction obligation of old office

Whether we offer this work traditionally or as a total project (Design and Build) depends on your wishes as a client. For Solved, it is essential that you feel comfortable in the process and look back with satisfaction on the result and the cooperation.

Bij Solved bieden we geïntegreerd huisvestingsadvies: bedrijfsmakelaardij, projectmanagement en workplace consultancy.

Want to know more?

Are you moving with your business? Or are you going to renovate your office? We would be happy to inform you during an initial meeting. Solved will gladly take care of the project management for you.

Please contact us using the form or call or email us at or 020 – 670 80 90.