Pragmatic advice on your workplace design

Are you looking to embrace a different way of working within the company? For example, is the plan to work more from home? Or are there plans to collaborate more broadly from a distance, with some of the employees working in the office and others at home? Each of these changes requires an adjustment to the office. What should your office look like? What will be the function of the office? And what facilities does it have? We are here for independent and pragmatic advice on your workplace design so that your accommodation meets your needs optimally.

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Workplace Consultancy, strategisch advies over vastgoed (makelaardij) en projectmanagement.
Workplace Consultancy, strategisch advies over vastgoed (makelaardij) en projectmanagement.

Pragmatic advice on your workplace design

Housing is still a field in which ad hoc decisions are often made. But, do the choices you make now reflect the developments within your company? It pays to develop a well-thought-out strategy for this. Solved can assist you with this, both in terms of finding suitable accommodation and designing a suitable workplace. We can advise you on what housing requirements must be met and how to best furnish the space.

With every project, we consider your goal and what is required. Is it cost savings? Working differently? More hybrid working? Or more collaboration? Perhaps a smarter workplace concept, for example, can reduce the amount of square footage needed or contribute to increased productivity. Whatever the case, we assist you in achieving your goal in the most efficient manner possible.

Our brokers also look directly at the situation to determine what is needed from their expertise. For example, how long is your lease? What are the notice periods and how can the price be renegotiated? This can be decisive in deciding whether to start a major renovation or to make mainly practical adjustments.

Our portfolio

Both in the Netherlands and internationally, we have already been able to help many organizations with a pragmatic workplace design and integral housing advice. A selection of our clients:

The Work-at-Home Factor

Part of our workplace consultancy is the Work-at-Home-Factor: a survey among your employees about working from home. This survey gives you insight into who comes back to

the office, when and why, and what type of work environment suits them. You can also compare your results with a benchmark of more than 8,000 respondents.

This will give you insight into the extent to which the work, the culture of your company, and the facilities at home allow you to work from home, as well as what this means for your office. This helps to match housing choices with the needs of your employees.

The Work-at-Home Factor

Understandable workplace advice clearly displayed

Do not expect long reports from us, nor complicated Excel sheets. No, we make it visual with explicit representations. We go for realistic plans, manageable building requirements, and a practical workplace concept. These then help in the search for the best building with the most appropriate layout.

Relocation is not always necessary. We like to see if your current premises and interior still fit how you want to work. For example, we look at how many square meters your organization needs and what furniture and supplies are required. And we help you to make the best possible use of the space in the new workplace design. Whether in a new building or your current premises.

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Teach employees to work hybrid with the Solved Escape Room

Hybrid working requires a building and ICT facilities that are compatible with it. It is also important your employees know the new way of working and how the building is equipped for it. When do employees go to the office? And how can you effectively collaborate remotely?

In the Solved Escape Room, your employees learn to apply hybrid working in practice through a challenging team-building activity. We do this with a controversial concept: a physical Escape Room on your premises. During a challenging game under time pressure, your employees will playfully discover what is going well with hybrid working and what are the focus areas. They also learn how to tackle challenges during the discussion with a workplace consultant in an educational and fun way.

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Integral approach to housing advice

We at Solved have one goal with our services: to take as much as possible out of your hands when it comes to your accommodation. We do this with an integral approach in which three areas of expertise come together: workplace design, brokerage, and project management. In this way, we can also help you search for a new office, renegotiate your lease, or design and realize the most optimal office layout.

In doing so, we constantly monitor quality, budget, and schedule, so there are no surprises for you. Because we involve the three areas of expertise in every project, and always looking beyond our area of expertise, we can serve your purpose in the best possible way with every decision.

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