Chris Huijbregts

Chris once started as a contractor but switched to project management in 2004. He has been doing that for Solved since 2016 as a Senior Project Manager. Since 2011, he has also been a partner at Solved project management. He leads the projects in the right direction and ensures with the project management team that relocations and renovations run smoothly and according to the client’s wishes.

Chris graduated in Structural Engineering, then worked in the contracting industry for several years, and has now been a project manager since 2004. First, he worked as a contractor for a housing foundation and later as a consultant for the RO group. Later he was Technical Manager at real estate investor, Merin. He also completed the HBO Real Estate and Brokerage course in 2011 to advise tenants and users even better.

In 2016 Chris decided to focus on advising tenants and end-users. That is why he started working at Solved. Chris is an open and enthusiastic person with a great passion for real estate and technology. He always goes for an end product that suits the client.