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What did Solved do?

Hizkia van Kralingen, a leading company specializing in Global art logistics, transport, and collection management services. Hizkia manages the entire process for museums lending artworks to each other, from storage to logistics.

Our role in this partnership has been focused on providing strategic advice regarding housing issues and acquiring buildings in various international locations, including The Hague, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Antwerp, Berlin, and more.

Given the complexity of Hizkia’s business processes, including security, we leveraged our expertise to ensure the secure storage of artworks. Our team diligently identified the most suitable solutions and locations that fully aligned with Hizkia’s unique requirements and needs. Throughout the process, technical requirements and budget considerations were closely intertwined, creating an integrated approach.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, we assisted Hizkia in selecting a new location following extensive market research and negotiations. The chosen property fully meets their criteria for location, size, and facilities.

In Denmark, we supported Hizkia in due diligence research, exploring options to either purchase and develop an existing location or rent a new building. After comprehensive technical assessments and development considerations, Hizkia opted to lease a new headquarters in Copenhagen.

Currently, we provide housing services for Hizkia in locations across the Netherlands, Germany, and France, actively contributing to their housing strategy and the acquisition of new properties

We always aim to offer tailored solutions that address our clients’ unique needs. If you require assistance with housing issues, please do not hesitate to contact us to see what we can do for you. If you would like more information about our process, read more here.