Nikon Amstelveen Kantoor
Amstelveen LOCATION



What did Solved do?

After a previous successful collaboration, Solved has played a significant role in assisting Nikon in finding a new location for their headquarters in Amstelveen. Our workplace consultancy department has assessed Nikon’s needs, focusing on efficient space utilization, shared workspaces, and opportunities for interaction. Based on this list of requirements, our real estate agents subsequently located a suitable site in Amstelveen that aligned with these objectives.

Our project managers, working in conjunction with the architectural firm Buro NOW, brought the workspace concept to life with a beautiful design, which was ultimately realized within budget and on schedule. Upon entering, you will find a welcoming reception area with an inviting coffee bar, fostering interaction among colleagues. Workspaces are interspersed with meeting rooms, providing flexibility and dynamism.


If you would like more information about our process, please read more here.