Are you looking for new office accommodation or another business space? Are you wondering whether it is better to move or stay? Or that it is wise to sell your property and rent it back? We think along strategically and go further than just closing the best deal for new office accommodation. As an office brokerage, we give you a complete overview of the range and compare the properties in a transparent manner, including in terms of travel distance and sustainability. We can also take care of the negotiations for you.


An office renovation or office renovation is a time-consuming process with many stakeholders and risks. That is why we are happy to take the work around office renovation off your hands. From choosing the right architect to assessing the construction drawings. And from negotiating prices to the eventual move. We provide a good and relaxed office renovation and office sustainability. You decide, we arrange the implementation. From design to realisation. Always tailored to your organisation, planning and budget.


Do you want to expand abroad with your company, move your office internationally or do you have other questions about international office accommodation? We can also provide housing advice across the border. This is because we are part of Exis Global, an international organization of real estate specialists who only work for you as a tenant or user. You have one point of contact in the Netherlands, but benefit from a worldwide network of office accommodation specialists.


Does your office accommodation still suit the organization? Are you about to introduce other ways of working or are there plans for hybrid working? We help to develop a well-thought-out strategy, looking at both office accommodation and office furnishings. We coordinate the two seamlessly. With a realistic plan and clear concept plans, we help you one step further.


At the Solved Escape Room, we zoom in on the behavioral aspect of hybrid collaboration. And we do so in a fun and challenging way, with team building at its core.


Why Solved?


Since our foundation in 2007, we have only worn one hat: we work exclusively for tenants, owners or users of office space. From our office building in Amsterdam, we advise our clients nationally and across the border with our international partners. Do what you do best. Then we arrange your office accommodation from A to Z.


We offer integrated advice in which four business lines come together: national and international office accommodation, office brokerage, workplace consultancy, and office renovation project management. We are therefore not only an office accommodation consultant, but we guide you through every step in the process towards the new or renovated office space. We do this with our own team and with partners with whom we have enjoyed working together for many years.

After all, office accommodation is more than just a building.


Because every office accommodation assignment is different, we put together the right team in advance. Depending on your question, a Solved workplace consultant, broker or project manager will take the lead. We can give substance to the steps regarding office accommodation that your organization cannot make itself. Always with your goal in mind and with our own people. Speed, accuracy, commitment in the follow-up phases and cost efficiency are central to this, and the disciplines naturally work closely together.