Escape Room

Solved Escape Room: learning to work hybrid in a playful way

Many organizations are transitioning to working more from home or a third location. Hybrid working (part office, part home) is becoming the norm. But that also requires a new way of organizing work. When do employees go to the office? How can you collaborate effectively at a distance? Let your team discover how they approach hybrid working in a fun way. Thanks to the Solved Escape Room, your team does not have to listen to long presentations. No, we will tackle the challenges of hybrid working in game form.

Learning how to work together in a hybrid way

Hybride werken vraagt om een aanpassing van gedrag van de medewerkers en leidinggevenden maar ook van de werkomgeving zelf en de ondersteunende ICT-systemen. Wij gaan uit van de bekende drie-eenheid: Brick (werkomgeving), Bites (ICT) en Behaviour (gedrag). Een hybride vorm van werken is pas succesvol als het gedrag van medewerkers en leidinggevenden en de werkomgeving daarop aansluiten en als er de juiste ondersteunende ICT-voorzieningen zijn.

Bij de Solved escaperoom zoomen we in op het gedragsaspect van hybride samenwerken. En dat op een leuke en uitdagende manier, waarbij teambuilding centraal staat.

Why an Escape Room?

An escape room is fun and challenging. Your employees must work well together and be inventive to reach a common goal. Like in real life, but under high time pressure, within 45 minutes. In other words: team building in its ultimate form.

The Solved Escape Room is not just fun; it provides insight into the most important aspects of hybrid working. How can employees be productive by working safely and in an organized way on location and remotely? What is already going well, and what are the remaining issues? We put this into a game where your employees can experience hybrid working themselves.

This personal experience not only has an impact on the participants themselves. They can pass on what they have learned to other colleagues. This way, every participant becomes an ambassador of hybrid working for your organization.

Moreover, you will receive a clear report showing how well your organization is prepared for hybrid working afterward. What are the results? What is going well, and where is there room for improvement in hybrid working under time pressure? You will be able to use these results to introduce hybrid working into your organization successfully

When do you deploy the Solved Escape Room?

When your organization is working with hybrid work or is about to do so. And if you would like to get everyone on the same page and prefer to do this in a fun and challenging way instead of dedicating a lengthy presentation.

Depending on the intended result, you can use the Solved Escape Room at different times:

At the start of the project, take your organization through the transition to hybrid working.
After the initial planning phase to test the readiness of employee behavior, the office environment, and the ICT resources for hybrid working.
During the implementation of hybrid working while letting employees experience the impact of that change.

each situation, the Solved Escape Room provides the extra impetus needed to leap forward.

Why the Solved Escape Room?

Remarkable concept that draws attention
Challenging and interesting team building activity
Fun and education in one
80 participants per day possible
To be implemented at your location, in between work
The only physical escape room for hybrid work in the Netherlands

How does it work?

Are you interested in the Solved Escape Room? Then we will plan an introductory meeting to discuss your wishes and the purpose for which you want to use the Solved Escape Room. We will also discuss practical matters.

The most important information:

The Solved Escape Room is a trailer of 12.5 x 4 meters (with electricity).
There are up to 10 rounds per day possible in groups of a maximum of 8 participants.
The gamemaster supervises the game.
After each round, there is a debrief with the participants by a Workplace Consultant from Solved.
In the debrief, challenges and practical solutions are discussed.
Afterwards, you will receive a clear report. This report shows what is going well and what is not going well under time pressure in hybrid work.

The Work-at-Home Factor

What impact does continue at-home work have on how you use your office? Determine if your office, culture, and facilities are ready for hybrid working with our tool, ‘The Home Working Factor’. This tool provides insight on who comes to the office, why, and when. It also tells you what is required regarding the working environment, the number of workstations, and facilities. More than 8,000 respondents have already completed the ‘Work-at-Home Factor’ tool to give companies insight into the changes needed in their office environments. You can use this tool to help your company do the same. It is also possible to use this tool to compare your company to other Dutch companies.

Participate in this survey and gain insight into the extent to which your company is equipped for hybrid working and how this compares to other Dutch companies.

Want to know more?

Are you curious to know whether the Solved Escape room is an excellent way to bring hybrid work to the attention of your organization? We would be happy to discuss the possibilities and provide you with a customized quote.

Contact us via our form or get in touch with us directly via email or phone. You can reach us at and +31 (0) 20 670 80 90.

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