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What We Do

Do you have plans to start a branch abroad? Or is something else changing in your office accommodation due to growth, contraction or new business lines? For many organizations, finding international office accommodation is a complex task. You will not only have to deal with a different language and culture, but also different regulations. The market is also not very transparent. In short: it is nice not to be alone in this. Where can you find an advisor who understands you and only sits on your side of the table? With us.

One contact for worldwide office accommodation

Solved offers one solution for your questions. We are a managing agent for corporate real estate services around the world. With us, you have access to the best in class solutions worldwide via a single point of contact in the Netherlands. We call in the right experts locally who speak your language and know the laws and regulations. At the same time, we are always your point of contact. This means that we can manage the transaction, but also the renovation and workplace design.

Solved Way Of Working

In samenspraak zullen we eerst de huisvestingsbehoefte voor de toekomst bepalen. Uiteraard wordt ook onderzocht welke rol het kantoor gaat krijgen en hoeveel oppervlakte optimaal is zodat alle medewerkers productief kunnen werken.

We helpen uw wensen te vertalen naar eisen. Door harde data uit HR-lijsten, Thuiswerkfactor, enquêtes en plattegronden worden aangevuld met informatie uit interviews. Hieruit ontstaat een ruimtelijk programma van eisen en een werkplekconcept.

Aan de hand van het PvE zullen wij een marktinventarisatie uitvoeren van gebouwen die voldoen aan de criteria. Ook wordt gekeken of deze criteria te realiseren is in het huidige kantoor. Hieruit vormt de ‘stay or go analyse’.

In vervolg op eerder genoemde stappen zal de onderhandelingsstrategie worden vastgesteld. Vanuit hier wordt de onderhandeling of transactie gerealiseerd voor een nieuw contract of een heronderhandeling van een bestaand contract.

Met de doelstelling van de organisatie in het achterhoofd en de inventarisatie van de huidige situatie op tafel zal de workplace consultant adviseren welk werkplekconcept het meest geschikt is. Dit werkplekconcept geeft inzicht in vloeroppervlaktes en indeelbaarheid van het nieuwe kantoor.

Solved helpt desgewenst met het passend maken van de locatie door de verbouwing en inrichting te verzorgen. Op deze manier hebben jullie één partij als aanspreekpunt die jullie in het traject ontzorgt.

Solved Way Of Working

Objective & Wishes

In consultation, we will first determine the housing needs for the future. Of course, the role of the office will also be examined and how much surface area is optimal so that all employees can work productively.


We help to translate your wishes into requirements. Hard data from HR lists, Homework factor, surveys and maps are supplemented with information from interviews. This results in a spatial program of requirements and a workplace concept.


Based on the SoR, we will carry out a market inventory of buildings that meet the criteria. It is also being examined whether these criteria can be achieved in the current office. This forms the ‘stay or go analysis’.

Contract formation

Following the steps mentioned above, the negotiation strategy will be determined. From here the negotiation or transaction is realized for a new contract or a renegotiation of an existing contract.

Interior design

With the objective of the organization in mind and an inventory of the current situation on the table, the workplace consultant will advise which workplace concept is most suitable. This workplace concept provides insight into floor areas and the divisibility of the new office.

Renovating and Relocating

If desired, Solved helps to make the location suitable by taking care of the renovation and furnishing. In this way you have one party as a point of contact that relieves you during the process.

How do we bring life back to the office?

Many organizations see the unpopularity of the office as a cause for concern. The question is whether we should indeed be concerned and how we can remove these concerns.

In this white paper we map out the consequences of the low occupancy. And we propose solutions that are based on our own research. This with the aim of creating an office environment that works. Works for the individual and the organization.

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International Brokerage

Solved has been active in the Netherlands since 2007 as an independent office accommodation consultant. We have now broadened our horizon and solve office accommodation issues all over the world for our customers. From Singapore to Germany.

International office accommodation advice

We are a partner in Exis Global: an international team of carefully selected office accommodation consultants who work exclusively for you as a tenant or end user of commercial real estate. So, just like Solved, they are 100% on your side of the table. Thanks to this network with more than 46 offices worldwide, we can solve all your housing issues for you anywhere in the world. Transparent and without conflicts of interest. And with the service you are used to from us.

If we do not have a local office accommodation advisor in our network, we will select the local best in class business broker. Our experience shows that no globally recognized office can offer the same service everywhere or have its own offices. This is where Solved makes the difference: we do offer that option by always selecting the best local business broker for you.

International office buildings

We are an experienced party in the field of international office accommodation that offers three integrated business lines: business brokerage, workplace consultancy and project management for office renovation and office sustainability. Based on these disciplines together, we always strive to relieve you of as much work as possible. This way we can guide you from start to finish towards an office space that meets your wishes. From finding suitable office space to pragmatic workplace advice. We can also take the office renovation, office furnishing and office relocation off your hands. Of course you can also use other services ‘separately’. It goes without saying that we will take the responsible Solved department with us. This way you get more value for your money.

Based on your specific question, we select the best local advisors to arrive at a suitable solution. We differ from traditional commercial brokers because we only sit on your side of the table and are independent of other parties, such as suppliers or investors.

In addition, our revenue model is completely transparent; we do not earn from the parties we engage. That means: the best office accommodation advice from an advisor who really stands by your side.