Lease contract (re)negotiations

10 golden tips for a succesfull conversation of your office

Draw up a Programme of Requirements. This comprises a spatial, technical, functional and financial component. Determine the DNA of your organization and relate this to an idea of the workplace. How many FTEs have to be accommodated, and will they all have their own workstation or will you work with a flexible ratio? Do you want to introduce activity-related working? Do you want to make use of long-term applications in your new office? A good inventory of people, wishes, requirements and drivers for the organization is essential.

Conflict of interest

The best for both worlds doesn’t exist…

Just imagine that you are in a dispute with a supplier. You go to a lawyer. As he has to promote your interests he isn’t allowed to work for the other party as well. Not in your case, but not in another case either. You will demand this, obviously. But when it comes to real estate agents for commercial properties, people are often less critical. An real estate agent for a commercial property who is wearing two hats seems to be accepted and this results in conflicts of interests. How to prevent this? In this document you will find questions for your advisor, so they have to come out into the open and you can make the right desision.

Project management

10 golden tips for a succesfull re(negotiation) of your lease contract

Timing is essential for a successful negotiation with your lessor. A lease contract has an expiry date linked to a period for giving notice which is generally 12 months. Start the negotiations well before you have to give notice. More time avoids stress and gives room for good preparation. The closer you are to the date for giving notice, the better the negotiating position of the lessor.

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