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Discover the hidden CO2 costs in your housing project.

In our latest whitepaper, ‘Total Cost of CO2’, we unveil the invisible yet significant role that CO2 plays in your housing choices.

We understand that your agenda is filled with challenges such as cost efficiency, staff retention, and internationalization. However, we also aim to place sustainability on your housing agenda. In a manner that aligns with our approach to advising – transparent, objective, and visual.

In this whitepaper, we scrutinize the impact of CO2 in three essential areas:

  1. The energy consumption of your office.
  2. The commuting habits of your employees.
  3. The design of your office space.

You’ll gain insight not only into how these factors contribute to the total CO2 emissions but also practical suggestions to reduce this emission. Furthermore, through an extensive calculation example, we shed light on the ‘Total Cost of CO2’ in your housing projects, enabling you to steer towards sustainability more effectively.

Download the ‘Total Cost of CO2’ whitepaper now and take the first step towards a more sustainable future for your company!

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