Your Christmas gift…

Nice that you’ve opened the gift from our Christmas card.

We placed this present under the tree because the Christmas break offers time for the just-launched whitepaper: ‘What is your Total Cost of CO2?’

Perhaps you already received it, but due to the day’s hectic nature, it might have been buried. In the whitepaper, we uncover the invisible yet significant role that CO2 can play in your housing choices.

We scrutinize the impact of CO2 emissions in three essential areas:

  • Your office’s energy consumption.
  • Your employees’ commuting.
  • The setup of your office space.

You’ll not only gain insight into how these factors contribute to total CO2 emissions but also practical suggestions to reduce these emissions. Furthermore, through a comprehensive calculation example, we highlight the ‘Total Cost of CO2’ in your housing projects, enabling you to steer towards sustainability more effectively.

You can download the ‘Total Cost of CO2’ whitepaper using the link below.